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The Monster Big Band: Guestbook

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sherman curry

June 2, 2013

awesome band!!! Hope to come down from corning,new York and see you guys live!! I have some friends from Austin coming up here to visit so it's my time to come down. How many CD's do you have out? any videos.
Can't wait til your next webcast!



October 6, 2012

Hey, saw y'all at the Chaulk Walk today, but your website didn't come up at all on Yahoo, but did on Google. Plus, the Google listing says something about led zepplin, and made me pass over the listing at first. Great tunes! Monster Stuff! Optimize that Search Engine Listing, get more viewers!


December 3, 2011

hi dude i like your site


August 4, 2011

i came across to your album while i was fooling around . i found it wonderful, bought myself one in a minute and I can't wait for it to get here. you guys are brilliant

jack funn

September 5, 2010

I'm starting a new JAZZ venue in Austin.
JAX Neighborhood Cafe, a musician owned cafe, will be booking jazz almost exclusively starting October. we host a weekly jazz jam on Tuesday nights.
Let's talk about a booking.
Best regards,

Keith Zimmerman

August 19, 2010

You were great at the Elephant Room. Please email me your dates in Austin if you send something out. Thanks.

Jewels Carter

June 17, 2010

Had a great time listening to Yall last night. I'm the one that bought the cd. See ya next month, cause Yall rock :)

Abby Garcia

April 23, 2010

OH MY GOSH! WOW! You guys were awesome at the Ninth Grade Center in Georgetown!!! I play alto sax but I could never ever perform like u guys did. Keep rockin!


March 5, 2010

Was in Austin in 2006 for a business meeting. I told the person I was with (my boss) I loved blues... he took me to the Elephant room and there you guys were, I was floored. In 2007 I returned - on a Wed - with the same guy now working for me - lets go see if MBB is playing - and you WERE! I am coming to Austin again this week - hoping to figure out where you will be 3/8 - 3/9!!!

Bruce Lenart

January 26, 2010

Just in case that last message doesn't get past the censors, YOU GUYS KICK GLUTIUS MAXIMUS TO THE MAXIMUM!!!

John Lehmer

November 3, 2009

Hope to hear you guys live some day.

Stefane Catlett

April 14, 2009

I am so glad to find you guys. Just moved here from VA where there is no jazz. I grew up with Big Band and Dixieland. Grandfather was with "The Original New Orleans Jazz Band, and my dad was a drummer in a jazz band-cannot wait to hear some awesome music. Stefane


February 25, 2009


Molly Barnes

November 19, 2007

We saw you on 11/11 at Central Market and were BLOWN AWAY by how INCREDIBLE you guys are. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an incredible performance. Molly Barnes P.S. Do you ever play "Birdland?" P.P.S. Killer guitarist...keep him around!

Frank Enfurter

October 17, 2007

dude! your music is un-stop-able.


August 22, 2007


Kevin Young

July 25, 2007

I saw you guys at the Elephant and you were fantastic! I saw you about a year ago and you have gotten so much tighter. I was so impressed with your songs and your new singer...she is incredible! She makes it look effortless!

Where can y'all be seen other than the Elephant. I just moved back to Austin and I am a fan for life!

Richard and Lynne Bigelow

July 2, 2007

OOPS accidentally sent the comment before I finshed it! Anyway, I was in a a big band 40 years ago and still think it's great! Anyway, we'd love to hear Watermelon Man, Kenton's Waltz of the Prophets, and maybe some more standards; Mood Indigo, Stardust, Woodchopper's Ball, Can't Stop Loving You, etc. Keep it up, we'll be back!

Richard and Lynne Bigelow

July 2, 2007

Saw you for the first time at Ruta Maya last night and was blown away! WHAT A SOUND!

Brent Chappell

June 25, 2007

Awesome performance last night at Central Market. It was well worth the trip from San Antonio... screamin' jazz sounds and a great set list. Enjoyed those traditional tunes and the "surprise" songs. Fine solos and a well-balanced group performance. And special kudos to Courtney Sanchez for some sweet, sweet vocals. Ya'll come to San Antonio and light up this town as soon as you can!

Tom Patrick

June 25, 2007

John Gates is a l-o-n-g time friend. We taught together in the 70's at UW. He put me onto your band...

Fine band. LOVE your arrangements and singer(s).
Would love to share my band info with you.

My band is called "Big Band Express".
Go to: .
I'm the Leader, drummer & do the vocals.
If you would like one of our CD's...I'd be glad to send along.

We started out as a "Kicks" band 14 years ago and have now become a known band in the Greater South west. Fun group and fine players.

Hope to hear from you..
Tom Patrick
Big Band Express


June 25, 2007


Don Lane

June 24, 2007

Haven't heard you guys yet, but I'll catch you at the Elephant Room next month fo' sho'!!!


May 18, 2007

I was in the Elephant Room this last Wednesday and I was staggered by how good it sounded. I had come into town with my girlfriend and I asked around about some good jazz. All I heard about was the Elephant Room and MBB. We stayed for all of the shows, we tipped heavily, and we both wished for a dance floor.
The solos were inspired, the horns were ohhh so tight. The Zeppelin kicked ass. Fantastic arrangements in all of your work. I presently live in Texas and haven't heard much in the way of big bands that was very interesting. I can't say that anymore.

Scott Perry

April 20, 2007

What an incredible sound. Caught the last show at Elephant Room. Best show I've seen in years. Amazing fat arrangements, spot on energy, superb craft, great play list. Dying for a show with a dance floor.


April 17, 2007

Sure do miss you guys. Not much live jazz to listen to here in SC. I brought my lady friend and my best friend to hear you at the Elephant Room when I was last in Austin. They were BLOWN AWAY!! Looking forward to the CD.

Syd Polk

April 9, 2007

Stumbled across you on the web when I decided to move to Austin, and loved the awesome bari solo on One Mint Julip. I will try to come hear you soon; I am a bari player myself and would love to hear more.

Jan Squyres

February 21, 2007

Cool site, hot sound! Love the MBB logo.


February 6, 2007

i love thios page keep it up i am with you ok .


January 10, 2007

Best site! Great! wow wow wow!

Donald McDaniel

November 18, 2006

This is a great band and I am sorry I just discosvered you recently. I have caught you at the Ruta Mata the last couple of month and really enjoyed your playing Friday night at the ALX! You guys are doinga grat thing keeping Big Band alive in Austin Texas. Love the great sound!!!


October 21, 2006


(And I'll take a case of Channel No 5, please.)

Daniel Chen

October 20, 2006

Hey I love the music, especially the trumpets.


September 3, 2006

Exciting website.

Nick Nicholson

August 25, 2006

You guys rock? Any idea when the CD could be released?

Ernesto Marquez

June 24, 2006

Awesome! Please keep me posted of your shows or any others related to your band members you think I'd be interested in (big band, jazz, swing). E.

Raymond Gutierrez

June 5, 2006

I heard Los Jazz Vatos play at he 4th Annual San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz Festival on June 3rd, 2006 and I was blown away by their sound and telant each musician had. These guys know real Jazz! I wish them many many years of success, I'm looking forward to seeing them soon in Austin! R.G.International Video Productions, S.A. Tx.

The Band Nerds

June 4, 2006

Hey you guys rocked tonight!! Awesome trombone solos!! We all enjoyed it very much!!

Clay Robinson

June 4, 2006

Thanks for all the great music for the past couple of years. I really look forward to hearing ( and seeing ) the band each month a at the Elephant. I really think the your audience likes the West Side medley more each time they hear it. I know I do. I would like to suggest a similar medley combining themes from Caravan an Night in Tunsia. Dan might find this interesting work. I'm willing to compensate him for his time and effort.

Ross Ivantsov

June 4, 2006

Very nice site. Thanks

The BLonde Band Nerd

June 2, 2006

Wow! You guys really rock and your brass section is awesome(Esp.the trumpets and the trombones!)! Well you guys have officially become the top of my list of favorite Austin bands. Keep it up. You guys truly rock!
P.S:Your site is awesome and convenient to use.

man silver bracelet

April 19, 2006

Very good site, well done. I especially like the ease of use and navigation


April 14, 2006

hi! Just to let you know that I think the website is great and I wish you all of the best for the future.

george fleck

March 31, 2006

cool web site! all the best to brother-in law dan"the man". looking forward to listening to your cd. gwf

Ahab from New Mexico

March 18, 2006

Tight, very tight. Good to hear the sounds of today performed in the big band style of days past.


March 16, 2006

Elephant Rm, Mar 15 2006: wow. you boys blew me away. don't go changin.

Robert Carriaga from Rio Rancho, NM

March 9, 2006

Great Band, Fantastic Music! Got to see and hear you on a recent trip to Austin, TX. Loved the horn section and Mikey Rey on trumpet! Get that CD out real soon!

mary, from Lima Ohio

February 16, 2006

Incredible Performance Feb. 15, 2006!! I was visiting my daughter in Austin on her birthday, and she wanted to listen to jazz so we stopped by to see the show at the Elephant. It was a wonderful to hear and see so much talent. We had not heard of you but your band was awesome and we will pass info about the group onto others so hepofully they can enjoy your music also.!!! BRAVO and THANKS, hope to see you in the future!! Mary and Christine Leidel.


January 19, 2006

Had fun hanging out with you guys on our last night in Austin. Thanks and we'll see you at Jazzfest! Cheers, Amy & Laura

David Wilson

November 17, 2005

Great Show last night at the Elephant. Love your sound! Also love your creativity in regards to music selection! Thanks for the cool set. D

alfredo hernandez

October 17, 2005

your music was great at cm on sunday 16th. had never heard your sound but i will look you up on your calender. thanks

Robert Morris

October 5, 2005

My bud Ernie Durawa turned me onto your site and sound. Tight man tight!!!!!

Takes me back to sitting on the wall across the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, listening to the sounds coming from the Skyview lounge on the roof of the Peabody.

That inspired me to really get serious about my drumming.

Robert Morris

Richard Perez

September 10, 2005

It really warms my heart to hear such a talented and fantastic band that brings out the style from the earlier years. I am especially pleased to have finally located one of music's hidden vocal talent, Karma Stewart. Her powerful yet sexy voice just sends chills as she compliments and completes your band. Good Luck!

Randall Riley

September 6, 2005

I'm 36 but have been listening to big band music since I was a kid. I've seen and heard some of the greats in person, including the Artie Shaw Ork, GM Ork, etc. but have to give you guys two thumbs up. The arrangements are smart, brass is sharp and biting and you guys know how the hell swing is supposed to sound. I never imagined Austin would have a big band that could sound so great! Keep up the good music and get us a CD soon!

Kevin Flatt

September 1, 2005

Killer site guys...keep up the good work and I'll see ya tonight!

Richard White, Sr.

August 3, 2005

Look forward to seeing y'all


July 14, 2005

I love the arrangements! Pinche Chinche! Love it!

Ben T. Laws III

July 1, 2005

I love it!! I'm a trumpet player taking from Russ Haynes and he's great.
Am joining the email list for your gigs. Haven't heard you in person yet but will soon. Great musicianship.


June 23, 2005

....caught you guys last nite @ the Elephant. I had been in a Jazz Desert...and now I've found my oasis. Outstanding riffs and tasty tunes..the whole band has got some MONSTER CHOPS!! Best Wishes and Keep on Kickin'
P.S....I was the guy whooping it up!

sherman curry(roll of the dice big-band)

June 5, 2005

love to hear great big band far do you travel?

Conor Brace

June 5, 2005

Nice site guys. The new Austin Jazz Guide is out, be sure to send your schedule to so we can make sure to list all your gigs! :)

Michelle Eilers

April 15, 2005

You guys are incredible!! We had so much fun at Ruta Maya, and we will come to watch you guys again!! Thanks, Joey, for being such a great teacher!

Mike S.

February 18, 2005

You guys are awesome! GOSH! You have some sweet music skills!

Heather Bloodsworth

January 26, 2005

hey guys yall rock ( one of the trumpet players should know prudence) well she gave me yalls CD and its awsome i am in 7th grade and i play the tromebone and i love jazz and big bands

Nick N.

January 23, 2005

You guys rock. I'm one of Dan's students, so he's how I got into you guys. See you at Ruta Maya.

John Ramsey

January 19, 2005

saw you at the elephant room 1/19/05 loved it. Great band my cup of tea. gimme more.