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The Monster Big Band: Bio

The Monster Big Band is a collection of the finest jazz and commercial musicians from the Austin area. Members of the local area bands Mingo Fishtrap, Los Jazz Vatos, The Lucky Strikes, The Atlantics, Duck Soup, Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes, The Stingers and The Scabs come together to play hard driving swing with an attitude. Sit back, strap in, and enjoy the wall of sound that is the Monster Big Band !!!

Come feel the 500 horsepower, fully blown, Big Band Fury !!!! But "Don't be afraid of "The Monster"".

THE SAXOPHONES (WOODNIPS) : Greg WIlson, Dan Torosian, Joey Colarusso, Tony Bray

THE TROMBONES: Freddie Mendoza, Kent Winking, Raoul Valleho, Javier Stuppard, Mark Haas, Martin g. mc cain jr.

THE TRUMPETS: Michael Rey, Rick White, Steve Butts, Warren Ealy.

THE SASSY RHYTHM SECTION: Utah Hamrick, Mike Barnes, Dave Sierra, Matt Russell.

Vocalists : Billy Murphy, Angie Davis
Backup Monsters: Pat Murray, Speedy G, Lumpaaaaaaa, Denton Thomas, Randy Zimmerman, Scott Mosley, Ray Sasaki, Scott Davis.